Websites That Help You Go Virtual Sailing

Many people are often discouraged about sailing as they feel that it is not a spectator sport. Indeed, besides the lake, bay area or stadium like water races that are conducted in this sport, most of the long distance sailing events are difficult to follow around. However, it is no longer true as virtual spectatorship of water sports is a reality that is made possible by many websites today. Here is a list of websites that make it possible to stay updated with the world of competitive sailing as found out by Pete Hogan who is a Round the World sailor himself.

He says that when he is not sailing the waters, he gazes at the computer screen and gets himself transported anywhere, from the Long Island Sound, Coral Grove, Southern Ocean and so forth. He can enjoy the excitement of the foiling yachts when they compete in the America’s Cup or enjoy with the Australians when they anchor in remote lagoons in the tropical waters of the Pacific. It is even possible to watch the Volvo Ocean race as the teams across six continents and it can be done largely from the comfort of one’s living room or at one’s computer desk. is an Irish website that covers several maritime events, especially those that matter to Irish readers. Voluntary subscriptions are encouraged to keep the website going and most of its content is free.

Wavetrain is a professional blog on cruising and sailing that is run by Charlie Doane. It has an archive section for different topics related to cruising that proves to be quite helpful.

Facebook has several sailing enthusiasts run groups on it that in turn leads to interesting content and even virtual races can be accessed here.

Scuttlebutt is another sailing news website that has news as well as videos on current and past sailing events. Other notable websites are Sailing Anarchy and Apollo Duck among others.