Riviera Sport Yacht To Premiere

July 26, 2016Yachts, , Standard

For those who are sailing enthusiasts and are professional sailors, they might want to know this bit of news about the new Riviera 4800 sport yacht being launched at the Sydney International boat show.

Along with other cutting edge yachts and sailing vessels. This boat will make a debut with an inboard propulsion system that has been designed by Volvo Penta.

The 4800 model comes fitted with a propulsion system of version D8-IPS 800 which contains IPS15 pod drives that were launched in Sweden earlier. The chief executives at Riviera are proud of the technology that they will be showcasing as they feel that the boat will promote a revolution in marine technology. With IPS evolution the boating experience is changed in a great way. The Riviera 5000 is also making waves.

Volvo Penta has added more refinement to the technology and new standards are being introduced in terms of comfort on board, handling features, maneuverability and dependability. Today there are motor yachts that are pod driven, about 500 in number. If you are looking at a yacht model that fits a two staterooms as well as two bathrooms, the sport yachts come with a new hull design which would be perfect for D8 engines and the IPS15 pod drives.

As a result of this technology users will be able to find improved reduction in noise levels as well as in vibrations. Enhancement is due to the mounting system, the sound dampening framework as well as sturdy construction of the engine.

All in all, one would have a better and more pleasant boating experience with such a yacht – and one is even available for Yacht Charter in Skiathos! The engine is also designed to be more fuel efficient. Emissions are also less and joystick maneuverability is also enhanced due to the 34-degree articulation feature of the pods which incorporates greater ease in steering.