Media Promotions Of World Cup Series

March 23, 2017Yachts Standard

Those who have lamented in the past about how content has been poor for World Cup viewers online, they need not crib anymore with several changes having been incorporated in the series this year.

With World Sailing is a media partner of this series, there is event news to be found on its official website and other related forums. It has also leveraged several social media channels to stream updates on the events, as was found when the first leg of the series was executed in Miami in January.

World Sailing is looking at doing coverage for the series at a level that was done for the Olympics. Hence, news would be made available for different time zones and 24 hour coverage would be offered as well. The January events had a digital content producer as well as a photo editor and photographers covering the different events.

With several series coming up there would be digital content made available through mobile apps as well. Sailors would receive assistance with notifications and information about different occurrences around events. World Cup series would remain committed to producing print news as well. The Miami event has several writers to make the content while one was dedicated to producing Spanish content as well. This made sense as Spanish is a language spoken by sixty percent of the population in this area. This particular series indeed had much more media coverage and innovative initiatives that were not found on Olympics. This would be due to the restrictions that are imposed by the International Olympic Committee for security reasons. Hence, many federations of the sport were unable to promote the events much. However, for World Cup Series World Sailing is using all available technology and innovations to make the necessary promotions. They have also been looking into the sustainability angle of the sport.