Landrover Ahead Of Oracle

December 5, 2016Yachts, , , Standard

The Land Rover team was the ultimate winner in the America’s Cup World Series, which concluded on the weekend that went by. Indeed, there was a lot of focus on the event that was taking place in Fukuoka in Japan.

With a sailing event of this level taking place in Japan or Asia for the first time, America’s Cup was an event that had the attention of the media as well as the attention of the world including sailing enthusiasts.

The eyes were all on Ben Ainslie and his team as they had been in a leading position throughout the event that spanned nine regattas across the world – they do everything from going to Charter a Yacht in Split or ctossing the oceans at top speeds. It is indeed a unique event and the British team had raised hopes that it would bring back the trophy to the country that has been deprived of the same for a long time.

The cup that is also known as the Auld Mug is sponsored by Louis Vuitton and represents a prestigious event. Indeed, there was a recent ceremony of two celebrated competitors being inducted in the Hall of Fame of America’s Cup at its headquarters in New York Yacht Club.

The title in the final lap of the 34th America’s Cup was won by the British challengers who were a step ahead of the American team sponsored by Oracle. Ainslie was able to secure the trophy back for the country which has been pending for long. However, there is more credit to be given to Oracle team who also secured a good score and would be present in the qualifying rounds in the forthcoming event next year.

Jimmy Spithill is credited to have pushed the team hard enough to finish ahead of the British team in the first race on 19th November. As a result Ainslie might have been worried, but he was not as the team had secured a good score by then.