History Made By Team Falcon

February 16, 2017Yachts, Standard

Team Falcon made history by sailing 662 miles i.e. 1062 KM in a custom designed hydro foiling catamaran sailboat that too in an extreme weather condition from New York to Bermuda.

Till now nobody has tried to flow sailboat on this amount of large and Open Ocean in Atlantic.

The team falcon is comprised of team members ORACLE Team United State of America’s helmsman and twice America’s Cup winner Jimmy Spithill and his crew Rome Kirby, Shannon Falcone, CY Thompson, Tom Loughborough and Emily Nagel of Bermuda. Team touched its endpoint after spending straight 66 hours at sea.

The team started from New York, it is the first place where America’s Cup was hosted in 1870, and led to Bermuda, the place where 35th America’s Cup will take place in next summer. They said they are on the mission of flying boat on water. And they actually did it; they fly the boat, experience the deadly event and eventually succeed in their mission.

Why we call flying the boat because for the mission team falcon used hydro-foiling catamaran that has tremendous speed and has potential to get lifted above the water.

Speaking about their experience while sailing on the mission team falcon said “It was a good experience and this is we called real thrill. At some point of time we encounter tides and waves that were so high that we bring back our boats to survival mode from performance boat.” “At night we could hardly see the moon and the waves were very high. Some of the waves were dangerous to the extent of deadly. But, if the team effort that we made it, as a team, we were and all of us contributed well to make our mission a success.” F4 is the future of world sailing.