Fierce Competition At Top Yacht Design University

September 7, 2016Yachts, , Standard

Students from Southampton Solent University designed, build and raced model boats at the end of year regatta whose previous winners have included some now globally successful designers and racers. While the Volvo Ocean Race boats were crashing through the Bay of Biscay, almost 30 yachts and power craft designers at the University were putting their skills to be altogether to get tested in an annual model yacht race.

All first year students spent almost a hundred hours in designing and building the vessels to conform towards specific yacht design rules, before putting their inventions towards testing on Gosport Boating Lake. The yachts race a windward course, while the lecturers closely gauge the attribute of each and every yacht.

The students are then awarded up to fifteen percent of their final mark base on the performance of their yacht on the water, as judged by The remaining marks were based on computer aided design phase and subsequent build quality. Although conditions are undoubtedly considerably highly comfortable than that experienced by the Volvo fleet!

These students aspire to become top yacht designers to boats that include Volvo 65. Given the pedigree of the program, they are doing well on their ways. The French dominated the podium of this year, along with Pierre-Anton Tesson and Aladin Montel takes first as well as third places respectively. Marin Lauber of Switzerland bagged the second position.

Program group-leader Giles Barkley congratulated all three winners. As per reports, all three boats were excellent and beautifully designed cum built. With past race winners including current designers of open 60 racing yachts along with designers on the campaign of Ben Ainslie Racing Americas Cup campaign, the incentive for winning is obvious. Also the resulting designs are also variable.
The winning design this year was a classical shallow draught canoe body hull with hard chins along with a 30 cm keel.